“Finding the right one is not always easy no matter what it is that you are looking for”

  1. Consider qualities that are important to you
  2. Don’t think too much
  3. Know what you are getting
  4. Make sure it’s a good match!

Developing quality and cost effective software solutions
Adding value to our software - value to our customers
Focusing on the real needs of our customers
Providing customer service so as to develop long-term relationship

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Welcome to Tivvit Solutions

tivvit / tiv-vit/ the largest property portal in South Africa that knows
all there is to know about property.

adjective: an expressive term referring to an ideal property that is found
through the Tivvit portal or simply a positive reference to a building -
" That's a Tivvit house."

noun: the simplest property portal to use in South Africa -
"I found the property of my dreams on Tivvit"

verb: refers to the action of using Tivvit - "Go Tivvit that property and see
if it's for sale"



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